Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bah, humbug!

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Bah, humbug! ~ Ebenezer Scrooge

Is it me or is it hard to believe that it is already December 1st?  I still wonder where the time goes.  I'm trying to catch more time to put in a jar to store high on the shelf but I doesn't seem that I am quick enough to capture any.  Even with as tough as this year has been, in regards to the economy and all it's effects on everyone and everything, this year truly has flown by.  There are 24 hours in a day no matter how you look at it, I guess.

I am nowhere near being done with my Christmas shopping and I haven't a clue what the kids really want. I'm not so sure they even really know except that Taryn wants a dog and that isn't happening.  I have a few others to buy for as well.  I really need to hop on that train soon!

I have been working on some of the gifts I am making.  Love the idea of handmade...so much goes into it. Note to self:  Next year, plan the gifts I want to make a little bit more in advance so I have more time.

I still need to edit the photo for the cards I plan on sending out ~ let's just hope I actually get that done and I get the cards delivered to the post office on time for them to make it into everyone's mailboxes.  Trying to make up for last year's absent card and letter.  Not so sure they will be hand addressed if I do manage to get it done.

The house is decorated though it doesn't seem cheery enough. I could pull out more decorations but then I think to myself how much I don't want to spend all the extra time putting them away.  Remember, time is a premium for me.  I didn't even bother decorating outside, and no one wanted to help me, so it has now been two years since we had a festive-looking home outside during the holidays.  Again, last years' reason was a good one!  I decorated for Halloween....maybe I am all decorated out!  I'll use that as my story and stick to it!

Of course, I may just be feeling a bit bah, humbug which is a little on the weird side since this happens to be my most favorite time of the year.

I am gushing a bit over this though.  Click each link under the photos to view each new line.  Yummy!  Heather Bailey totally rocks it with the fabric!

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