Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hello December & hello snow!

What a delightful surprise awaited us this morning as the children were rushing out the door for school and the commuters were on the freeways heading to work.  SNOW!

The cars were being blanketed by the white stuff.  And that white stuff I l♥ve but Shhhhh! ~ don't tell anyone.

It was almost a winter wonderland because within an hour the snow stopped which made it merely a slight covering.

The temps here for the past couple days have been downright nippy which is wonderful though I am still trying to figure out why, when the house registers 67 degrees, it feels so different when compared to 67 degrees during the spring, summer and fall months.  Somehow I feel  like there is a windchill factor walking through the house and when I look at the thermostat certain that it is much colder and it reads 67 degrees it sure doesn't feel like it is 67 degrees.  So glad we had our home weatherproofed this fall and so thankful the electric company provided the service for free!

Good news because tonight we are expecting another freeze, after last night's first freeze of the year, as well as more SNOW!  I do believe winter has arrived.

And if you look closely you will see it is snowing on the blog as well.  Oh boy do I love SNOW!  There is something very peaceful about it as it falls to the ground so slowly.  It really makes me feel all warm and cozy inside ~ I guess it's something from my childhood and how I felt about it.  I that when it is snowing the world is so much quieter as somehow it seems the snow absorbs a lot of the sound and things move much slower (usually) and the crunch of the newly fallen snow underneath a cars wheels as they turn and just how beautiful it truly is.  Makes me oh. so. happy!

If you are in for some wonderful vintage D-I-Y goodness, run on over to Rhonna's blog  or go directly to the post here.  That girl is always on overload with the ideas.  Love her and the House of 3 girls!

And if you love Tim Holtz sprint, don't run, on over to his blog and check out his 12 Tags of Christmas.  I promise you will not be.  Click here to see the archives from the past two years' 12 Tags of Christmas.


Suzette said...

Wow snow, out of control. Stay warm and keep on creating.

Shell said...

hooray for magical lovely snow!


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