Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mindless Entertainment

So I found a link to a fun little app for Facebook tonight.  It generates the words you have used most in your status updates over a specified period of time.  Here are my most used words over the past year:


Now, if you read these words the wrong way it can really set you up for a good belly laugh though I do love the words and how they define me.  I think I sort of like this little app....I like words and I like typography and somehow I find it comical to read "into" them.  I know, seriously in need of some fun around here and while this is fun it is also very mindless....the perfect kind of fun for me right now.  It's been daily chaos here for quite a while as I finished up a bunch of my Christmas gift creations then packing and getting gifts off on their way to their destinations while I carry on with normal life.  Never enough time but I did manage to get all the packages completed and on their way I am taking a breather tonight.  Need some time to rest and regroup before I tackle the Christmas cards/photo/letter in hopes that they will go out before Christmas day.

Find the app for Status Cloud here and make your own jumble of words.

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