Friday, February 10, 2012

off my game

I've been off my game for quite a while now.  Not sure what the culprit is.  I've been searching to find out exactly what is going on but have only been led to dead ends.  I feel like I'm living an out of body experience.  I really wish I felt like me.  Sometimes I actually feel like I'm back on my game only to have the rug pulled out from underneath me and I find I'm back right where I started.

A lot of changes. 
A lot of busyness. 
Lots of choices and decisions to be made. 
But in the midst of it all I've still got my sweet family.  My kids seriously are a never ending source of giggles and fun times and the mister...well, he's here when he can be.  We try to do what we can when he's off.  We spend time doing silly little things most people would probably think is pointless and mundane but what matters is that we are together and we are having fun.  And at this point it's truly the little things that count. 

So much inspiration flowing all over the internet.  One of my fav designers, Rhonna Farrer, was on her local afternoon show in Utah yesterday Fresh Living.  Follow this link to her segment.  (Currently it's not working but hopefully it will be back up soon!)  She dishes on some really great Valentine's Day ideas that are not only easy but they are very affordable.  If you go to her blog here you can get the direct link to download a free printable for Valentine's Day.  You must open an account over on her digital design store Rhonna Designs but it's so worth it!  And if you are so inclined, check out her store with all her digital goodness and be prepared to be wowed!

Pinterest is abuzz with many ideas that are dedicated to Valentine's Day but also to everything yummy!  Lots of goodness here on my Valentine's Pinterest board! 

I thought this was a great idea from The House that Lars Built.  You send a "heart attack" to your intended recipient.  A box full of different sized hearts in all different colors of paper.  What a fun little unexpected box of love they will open!  In fact, if you have time, check out the blog...lots of great inspiration abounds plus there are several other "heart attack" Valentine's Day ideas to check out!


Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit out of sorts - I know what you mean. My little boy and hubby keep me going too :-) Thanks for the great links for valentines day! Becks x

donnaj said...

glad to see you're still around :)

Shan in Japan said...

Good to see you back here. You've been missed. Hope you have a good Valentine's day!

Michelle said...

I am so thankful I got to see you the other day Princess
You are so special to me

Beth said...

Traci !!!! you are the winner of the 75.00 gift card on my website !!
I don't have your email so email me at !
Congrats !!!


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